Shock Preload Adjusters

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All of Progressive Suspension’s shocks are Preload Adjustable. This allows the user to easily tune the shocks for their specific combination of bike and rider weight. Although we design a shock to fit and perform on a specific motorcycle, we have no way of knowing if the rider will be 140lb or 240lb and the addition of cargo and passenger further complicates the issue. An obvious solution is an adjustment on the shock that allows the rider to quickly set up his shocks to match his bike/rider weight combination. This is where Preload Adjustment comes into play. By compressing or uncompressing the spring a small amount, a shock can be perfectly tuned to suit the conditions for which it will be used. In addition to this level of tuning, most PSI shocks are also offered in Heavy Duty applications, recommended for bikes that are operated at or near the manufacturer’s maximum load rating over 50% of the time.

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